About the Twins

 About the Twins

The twins Trenton and Trevor and their father Westley are the band the Jenkins Twins. We are a bluegrass and folk family/band from Kentucky. If you wonder what the influence that has created the Jenkins Twins we would all have to say Alabama, The Avett Brothers, and The Allman Brothers.

We have always been a musical family. We all started to pick up instruments about the time we were 8. I picked up the drums while my brother picked up the guitar. Our focus was country rock but we found our true love when we picked up the banjo. From that point on we got our father in to the mix. All of us created a new sound that we call the Jenkins Twins sound.

We are sure that there is nothing that you have heard quite like it. So if you want you can download any of our free songs from the site or you can find our music on Youtube. We do not create this music to make a profit but to share our talent and love of music with others. So if you like any of our music tell somebody that has not been exposed to it or give us a thumbs up on our Youtube channel. If you really like us come see us on tour. Below are some of the dates that are coming up. Let us know if you saw our site. It just makes us feel good.

Upcoming Dates

2/18 Portland, Oregon

2/22 Eureka, California

2/28 Salt Lake City, Utah

3/12 Boise, Idaho

3/17 Grand Junction, Colorado

3/23 Dodge City, Kansas

3/27 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

4/1 Wichita Falls, Texas

4/8 Fort Worth Texas

4/13 Dallas, Texas

4/19 Monroe, Louisiana

4/22 Little Rock, Arkansas

5/2 Jefferson City, Missouri

5/5 Springfield, Illinois

5/15 Lexington, Kentucky

5/19-20 Nashville, Tennessee

5/25 Huntsville, Alabama

5/28-29 Atlanta, Georgia

As more dates come up we will update the site on where we are playing and the dates that we will be playing. Thanks for coming in advance.

See you at the show.